Use of Corticosteroids in Septic Shock On Demand Is Now Available

The recently broadcast Use of Corticosteroids in Septic Shock webcast is now available for purchase On Demand.

In this webcast from the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) Controversies in Critical Care series, Djillali Annane, MD, and Greet Van den Berghe, MD, PhD, discuss the rationale for use or avoidance of corticosteroids in critically ill patients with septic shock and highlight the controversies surrounding the use of low-dose corticosteroids and the association with clinical outcomes.

Use of Corticosteroids in Septic Shock On Demand gives you access to videos containing both slide presentations and synchronized speaker audio for every lecture in a searchable format, making it the next best thing to attending the live event. Once you’ve purchased Use of Corticosteroids in Septic Shock On Demand, you can access the materials as often as you like by logging into

Use of Corticosteroids in Septic Shock On Demand is available for purchase in the SCCM store. The registration rate is just $35 for members ($45 for nonmembers).

If you participated in the live event, your subscription to the On Demand service was included in your registration fee. The materials can be accessed by logging into with your customer ID and password.

The Controversies in Critical Care webcast series is a joint project of the SCCM Scientific Review Committee and the American College of Critical Care Medicine’s Ethics Committee. This series is intended to provide insight into topics in critical care medicine for which there is no clear consensus or unequivocal evidence for guiding practice decisions.

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