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SCCM Journal Seeks Associate Editor

Research, teaching and clinical work in critical care medicine are increasingly reliant on data generated by many devices, accumulated in diverse databases, pre-processed according to unique study requirements, analyzed with sophisticated tools, and reported with composite outcomes. Readers of Critical Care Medicine rely on its reviewers and editors to evaluate manuscripts using very large datasets. The quality of the review process is intended to provide readers—clinicians and investigators alike—with reasonable assurance that the interpretations can be relied upon for integration into clinical practice. Such assurance increasingly relies upon effective application of data science and engagement of data scientists: command of the subject matter; expertise in sophisticated statistics; and advanced skills retrieving, visualizing and evaluating data (more colloquially, “hacker skills”).

Accordingly, the editorial leadership of Critical Care Medicine seeks nominations and applications for a new position: Associate Editor for Data Science (AEDS).

The AEDS will have several unique responsibilities. She/he will

  • act as the handling editor for manuscripts that are heavily dependent on complex manipulations of multiple databases. Handling editors select qualified reviewers, evaluate the reviews, make recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief about final disposition, and propose editorial commentaries;
  • work with authors of accepted manuscripts to make their data cubes (multidimensional data arrays) accessible to readers using contemporary front-end visualization tools similar to those commonly employed in the business and financial industries;
  • work with authors towards design, preparation, and publication of informational graphics synthesizing authors’ results that illuminate new insights and promote new actions; and
  • write and publish editorial commentaries on selected articles

Self-nominations and recommendations should be sent to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief of Critical Care Medicine, Timothy G. Buchman, PhD, MD, MCCM, at journals@sccm.org not later than October 6.

The journal will consider highly qualified individuals regardless of career stage. It is estimated that 10 hours per week will be required. As with all SCCM committee appointments, appointees must be active members of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. As with all Associate Editor appointments, the term is two years with option for renewal. Associate Editors are appointed to the journal by the Editor-in-Chief and such appointments are contingent on approval by SCCM Council.

Members of the Society of Critical Care Medicine Recognized

The European Journal of Clinical Investigation has compiled a list of the most influential biomedical researchers, and several members of the Society of Critical Care Medicine were recognized. Congratulations to the following members on their recognition:

Deborah Cook, MD
Gabriel Nunez
Russel J. Reiter, MD
Paul M. Ridker, MD
Robert M. Strieter, MD
Csaba Szabo, MD, PhD
Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, PhD, FCCM
Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD

The journal examined 15,153,100 authors from Scopus citation data from 1996 through 2011 and selected the top 400 based on citation and h-index. According to the list’s compilers, "Ranking of scientists is explicitly not the main purpose of this list. Rather, we wanted to identify a pool of researchers who have had sustained success in highly influential work." The list was created for an ongoing survey of highly cited researchers.

Call for CCM Editor Applicants

The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) is seeking an Editor-in-Chief for its journal Critical Care Medicine. This position requires a commitment to publication excellence and timely but fair editorial decision, upholding and enhancing the journal’s quality and reputation. To this end, the Editor-in-Chief is responsible for directing the journal’s editorial board, including the Associate Editors, and the Editor of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, to ensure they are following all appropriate procedures and working within the journals’ defined budgets. Job responsibilities include maintaining and establishing editorial policies, ensuring the content, quality, and timeliness of each issue, directing the peer review process, ensuring that accepted manuscripts conform to defined standards, and meeting all publishing responsibilities assigned.

Preferred applicants should have:

– 5 years of service on an Editorial Board
– Experience as Editor-in-Chief, or Associate Editor for a medical journal
– Current member of SCCM for 10+ years
– Active in international medical networks
– Reputation for clinical acumen

This part-time position offers a competitive stipend. Interested applicants should submit a CV, statement outlining a vision for the journal and cover letter to humanresources@sccm.org. Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2013.