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Critical Care Review Resources

If you weren’t able to attend the recent Multiprofessional Critical Care Review Course (MCCRC): Adult, you can still experience the complete line of adult critical care review solutions. These resources can be customized to meet your goals, schedule, and learning style. Benefit from high-quality educational programming and flexible, effective self-study options.

ENHANCE your learning experience with the Comprehensive Board Prep Bundle: Adult.

  • Save 20%
  • Includes Self-Directed MCCRC: Adult, the Comprehensive Critical Care: Adult book, and both versions of the self-assessment
  • Available in print and electronic versions

LEARN all you need to know with the updated Self-Directed MCCRC: Adult. View didactic sessions from the 2017 course from your home or office.

REVIEW the full gamut of critical care topics in the new edition of Comprehensive Critical Care: Adult.

ASSESS your knowledge with the new edition of Self-Assessment in Adult Multiprofessional Critical Care.

EVALUATE your critical care knowledge with the Advanced Knowledge Assessment in Adult Critical Care, Question Sets 1 and 2.

Visit www.sccm.org/adultreview for product details and to make a purchase.