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WAAAR Issues Declaration Against Antibiotic Resistance

The World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR) recently issued a declaration against antibiotic resistance (ABR). The declaration is intended to encourage dialogue centered on the public health threat posed by ABR. Concerted action by medical organizations, policymakers, patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies, and the general population is needed to mitigate this threat, the declaration states.

By any measure, ABR exacts a tremendous cost. According to the declaration, thousands in Europe and the United States alone die each year from infections caused by resistant bacteria. The declaration further notes that a direct correlation exists between ABR and the volume of antibiotics dispensed. Widespread use ultimately promotes the development and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance. Wise antibiotic use and corresponding preservation policies are needed to counter this, especially given the relative dearth of new antibiotics in the pipeline.

WAAAR is a group of 700 individuals from 55 countries that represents physicians, veterinarians, microbiologists, surgeons, pharmacists, nurses, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, environmentalists, and patient advocacy groups.

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