SCCM Forms the SCCM-Weil Research Trust

Meeting at the conclusion of its 44th Annual Critical Care Congress, the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) governing Council voted to create the SCCM-Weil Research Trust.

Seeded with $1 million transferred from SCCM’s reserves, earnings from investment of the trust’s assets will be used to fund research grants in perpetuity. Society members and others motivated to support the expansion of critical care research will be invited to contribute to the trust.

“This investment allows us to double the amount of funding SCCM is giving out in grants to those researching ways to improve the care we provide to our patients,” Society President Craig M. Coopersmith, MD, FCCM, said. “It demonstrates our commitment to being part of the discovery and innovation needed to help secure future advances in the ICU.”

Explaining the motivation of SCCM’s leadership, Dr. Coopersmith added, “Our research seeks to help patients in the future, but has foundations in our past. The Society’s founder, Dr. Max Harry Weil, was a true visionary who committed his entire life to the pillars of academic life – patient care, discovery and innovation, and education. In addition to founding SCCM, Dr. Weil had a lifelong focus on performing patient-oriented research. The naming of this trust for Dr. Weil honors his legacy, and is a transformative step for our organization.”

The first grant from the SCCM-Weil Trust will be awarded in 2016 at the 45th Critical Care Congress in Orlando using the same criteria, rules and selection processes that govern the previously established Vision Grant program.

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