SCCM Continues to Provide a Variety of Ebola-Related Resources

During the recent annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians, late-breaking sessions were held in collaboration with the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and featured personal protective equipment (PPE) demonstrations. Content was drawn from SCCM’s Fundamental Disaster Management program. This joint effort was intended to better prepare health professionals who may soon manage the treatment of patients exposed to the Ebola virus.

SCCM continues to actively monitor the Ebola outbreak and will continue to provide pertinent information to the critical care community. A variety of resources are available at, including new Ebola guidelines for emergency departments, which were recently published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The guidelines establish consistency for emergency care workers and reflect lessons learned thus far in the fight against Ebola.

SCCM also recently released an iCritical Care podcast in which Margaret Parker, MD, MCCM, speaks with SCCM President-Elect Craig M. Coopersmith, MD, FCCM, and Jay Varkey, MD, about the Ebola epidemic and how clinicians should be preparing for emerging infections. Dr. Varkey was on a team of clinicians at Emory University Hospital who successfully treated an American missionary and doctor infected with the Ebola virus.

SCCM Pod-242 Preparing for Emerging Infections

Finally, SCCM also recently made available the following Ebola protocols from Baylor Scott & White Health:

Ebola Mandatory Protocol – Screening PPE

Ebola Mandatory Protocol – Observer Role

Ebola Mandatory Protocol – Treatment PPE for Healthcare Worker and Coach

To share valuable Ebola-related resources akin to those enumerated above, visit the Society’s Disaster eCommunity. This forum is an excellent venue offering insight and any recent developments.

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