New: ICU Heroes Award

The new ICU Heroes Award, presented by the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), recognizes that patients and their respective family members are an integral part of intensive care unit (ICU) care. The award is consequently offered to an ICU patient, family and the multiprofessional ICU team that delivered the care.

Applicants are asked to share the patient’s story with a focus on attention to patient- and family-centered aspects of care. The following will be considered during the application evaluation process:

  • Clinical details
  • Principal diagnosis
  • ICU course
  • Hospital course
  • Outpatient course
  • Final outcome
  • How the individual’s course demonstrates multiprofessional care

The winning patient and ICU team leader will receive a medal, and the winning ICU team and the patient’s family will receive a commemorative plaque. Complementary travel and registration to SCCM’s Critical Care Congress also will be provided to select award recipients.

The deadline to submit an application is August 1, 2014. Application submissions and questions related to this award may be directed to SCCM staff member Kathleen Ward at

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One thought on “New: ICU Heroes Award

  1. Professor (Dr) Maswood Ahmed

    The new ICU Heroes Award is very time honoured step of SCCM. Heartfelt congratulation to the respective members for this kind of enthusiastic endevour to encourage the multiproffessional ICU team which will impact the society and a honour to the team where the patient and relative will feel proud and an instance for the future generation…Prof.Maswood,Head of ICU,CMC.

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