New Critical Care Medicine Certification Pathway Announced

A co-sponsored pathway to critical care medicine certification from the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) and the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) has been approved. The American Board of Medical Specialties approved a formal training pathway as well as a limited grandfathering pathway (expiring 2018). The new pathway requires that the emergency medicine/critical care medicine candidate complete two years of critical care fellowship training at an approved anesthesiology/critical care medicine site. (These programs must apply and be approved for a two-year track.) The fellowship curriculum allows latitude for multidisciplinary clinical exposure but requires specific surgical critical care time (both during the first year and by completion of the training cycle).

This new pathway to certification joins the existing one co-sponsored by ABEM and American Board of Internal Medicine, as well as the pathway to surgical critical care through the American Board of Surgery.

The landscape for emergency medicine/critical care medicine has changed significantly over the past two years with multiple opportunities for training and formal certification. An archived presentation detailing the routes to certification is available in the Professional Development Knowledge Line at

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  1. Prof.(Dr) Maswood Ahmed

    Very good decision.In Multidiscipliniary Intensive Care Medicine, role of Anesthesiologist is the priority of the patient’s safety and in time monitoring.

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