ICU Liberation Launches ABCDEF Improvement Collaborative

The Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) ICU Liberation Campaign is launching a quality improvement initiative related to implementing the ABCDEF bundle.

The ICU Liberation ABCDEF Improvement Collaborative is seeking U.S. hospitals interested in improving outcomes for patients and families by reliably implementing the newly modified bundle. Participating hospitals would work with a team of leading national and regional experts to:

  • Reduce time on mechanical ventilation
  • Engage families to participate in the care and healing of their loved ones
  • Validate compliance and improvement through use of an online data collection tool
  • Enhance teamwork through implementation of evidence-based care
  • Engage with leading experts who have demonstrated improved patient outcomes through the ABCDEF bundle
  • Create partnerships with other institutions doing the same improvement work across the United States

Applications are due May 19, 2015, and must be accompanied by all four commitment letters, which are available on the website.

The Collaborative will be operating in three regions: Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago, but it is not required that applying hospitals be located in these regions. Hospitals of any type or size may apply, and no experience in implementing the bundle is required. Learn more about the Collaborative and application requirements.

If you have any additional questions, please contact SCCM staff partner Diane Byrum at

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