Comprehensive Critical Care: Pediatric – Second Edition Available

Purchase the second edition of Comprehensive Critical Care: Pediatric, available in both print and eBook format,  and increase your pediatric critical care knowledge. This new edition was developed by leading experts in the field, includes the newest research and information, and is the most complete textbook for the study of pediatric critical care.

This compendium explores 16 core knowledge areas, including:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Neurology
  • Infectious Disease, Immunology and Inflammation
  • Renal and Electrolyte Disturbances
  • Metabolism and Endocrinology
  • Hematology and Oncology
  • Gastroenterology and Nutrition
  • Toxicology
  • Trauma
  • Pharmacology
  • Anesthesiology, Pain and Sedation
  • Technical Procedures
  • Principles of Monitoring
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Core Knowledge in Scholarly Activities

Comprehensive Critical Care: Pediatric includes up-to-date information on the full range of pediatric critical care topics, with hundreds of charts and tables to aid study and suggested readings to guide further exploration.

The publication is available for purchase in the SCCM Store, just $195 for members ($255 for nonmembers).

If you have any questions, please contact SCCM Customer Service at +1 847 827-6888.

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