Check Out New Surviving Sepsis Campaign Presentations

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign, a joint collaboration of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, recently made available 12 individual presentations that provide background on the recommendations and suggestions incorporated in the 2012 Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines. In addition, a presentation inclusive of all the slides is available.

Developed by the authors of the guidelines, these slides may be used for educational purposes to improve knowledge and team performance.

Visit the Surviving Sepsis Campaign website to download these offerings:

  • 01_SSC_Grading_06_03_14
  • 02_SSC_Initial_Resuscitation_Hemodynamic_Support_06_13_14
  • 03_SSC_Infection_Related_Issues_06_03_14
  • 04_SSC_Adjunctive_Therapy_06_03_14
  • 05_SSC_Mechanical_Ventilation_of_Acute_Respiratory_Distress_Syndrome_06_03_14
  • 06_SSC_Glucose_Control_06_03_14
  • 07_SSC_Nutrition_06_03_14
  • 08_SSC_Renal_Replacement_Therapy_06_03_14
  • 09_SSC_Prophylaxis_for_Venous_Thromboembolism_06_03_14
  • 10_SSC_Stress_Ulcer_Prophylaxis_06_03_14
  • 11_SSC_Setting_Goals_of_Care_06_03_14
  • 12_SSC_Pediatric_Considerations_06_03_14
  • SSC_All_Slides_2014
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