Access Webcasts from the 42nd Critical Care Congress

Several videos featuring the industry-supported sessions from the Society’s Critical Care Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico, are now available free of charge at Access these presentations and earn continuing education credit:

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5 thoughts on “Access Webcasts from the 42nd Critical Care Congress

  1. mary anne gray

    the link to “defining goals of resuscitation” takes you to the nutritional webcast instead

  2. SCCM Post author

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties accessing On Demand content consider the following:

    1. Try accessing the On Demand using a different web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

    2. Pause the video for few minutes and try playing it again.

    3. If switching between video presentations, make sure you stop the previous presentation before starting a new presentation.

    4. Try to access the On Demand program from different locations: (home and/or work). Most public institutions throttle video playback capabilities.

    5. If you are running on a tight bandwidth speed, try to access the On Demand at a different time of the day (evenings and early mornings tend to be less busy).

    6. If you are accessing On Demand program from a wireless connection, try to plug in an Ethernet cable. Internet speed is considerably faster through a network cable.

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